Press release, 2015-08-26

  • Watersprint AB develops unique products based on UV-LED technology. Swedish GTC AB offers leading products for purification of brackish water.
  • Swedish GTC and Watersprint starts cooperation for distribution of Watersprints UV-LED products for boats, motor homes and seaside cottages.
  • Swedish GTC also integrates Watersprints UV-LED technology in its products for purification of brackish water.

Today there is almost everything in modern boats and motor homes but they often lack a good water cleaning solution. Often people are concerned about drinking water from the fresh water tank, or it’s getting empty. Watersprints and Swedish GTCs products solve these problems in a new, innovative and easy way.

Watersprints products are small, energy efficient and safe because of the usage of LED technology. The compact form factor makes them fit in any environment, for example in boats, motor homes and residents in the archipelago that do not have access to fresh drinking water. Further, they are extremely energy efficient and the UV-LED’s are only active when the water flows and then it consumes 7 watts only.

Swedish GTC develops and offers complete solutions for water treatment for boats, islands in the archipelago, and wells. Simply put, the product produce clean and healthy water out of brackish water.

Through this partnership, Swedish GTC will distribute Watersprints UV-LED products for defined segments. UV-LED products will also be integrated into Swedish GTCs products for purification of brackish water.

“Through this collaboration, we offer the market the best water treatment. Swedish GTC has developed and provided the market with products for purification of brackish water since 2008. We have now enhanced the product further and added the final piece, Watersprints UV-LED purification to further ensure bacterial and virus-free water”, says Peter Mattsson, CEO Swedish GTC.

“Today Watersprint delivers to both private and public organizations (?), the boat and motor home market is new to us”, says Anders Ruland, CEO of Watersprint. “Through this collaboration, we will address this market where products with LED technology fits perfectly while it´s small, energy efficient 12 volt products that are easy to install and disinfect immediately,” continues Anders Ruland, CEO of Watersprint.



Watersprints product, D4Tap, with UV-LED technology. D4Tap is mounted directly under the faucet or tap.


Watersprints UV-LED product, D4Tap, mounted in Swedish GTCs Arkipelag.

About Watersprint AB: Watersprint develops and offers products, based on new technology, for water cleaning. The company has expertise in water, nanotechnology, IT and telecom. Watersprint develop products for a sustainable society in an environmentally and energy efficient way. We are located at Medicon Village in Lund, south of Sweden.

About Swedish GTC AB: Swedish Global Trade Center started 2008 with various assignments for water cleaning in Sweden and abroad. Today, Swedish GTC has offices in Sweden, Tanzania, Kongo and will soon open up in India. All Manufacturing is done in Avesta, Sweden.
Press Contact Watersprint AB: Christian Jönsson, Head of Sales and Marketing, +46 735 464364
Press Contact Swedish GTC AB: Peter Mattsson, CEO, +46 705 290597