The water network celebrates five years with the distribution of WIN Award
In mid February WIN Water network celebrated five years. It was celebrated by handing out the WIN Awards to four companies that have distinguished themselves in their field. Vattenacceleratorn WIN is an initiative from the water industry and is working to accelerate the pace of innovation and innovations to market.
Since its inception in 2012, Network partners held 20 meetings in total gathered about 900 people who have networked, done business and been inspired. The network has over the past five years has grown from nine members to just over 60. There are now 37 innovative companies and 26 partners in the network. Members of WIN comes from Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany and Holland.


The following awards were given:
WIN Growth Award 2017
Nomination: For Their Rapid Growth, great entrepreneurship, successful branding and visionary courage.
Win Innovation Award 2017
Nomination: For Their disruptive water treatment upgrade – from vacuum to silicon.
WIN Business Award 2017
Nomination: For Securing large customers on a huge market and making impressive deals with WIN partners.
Winner: EkoBalans
WIN Ambassador Award in 2017
Nomination: Crossing Bridges and Borders to match husband at most WIN events and Contributing positively to the network.


The winners of WIN Award:

–          Michael Wick, CEO Adept Water Technologies

–          Rickard Carlsson, Sales & Marketing Manager Watersprint

–          Mehrdad Mahdjoubi, CEO and founder Orbital Systems

–          Gunnar Thelin, founder EkoBalans