FM Mattsson Mora Group in new partnership with innovation company Watersprint to promote cleaner water
Press Release   •   Apr 04, 2018 08:25 GMT

As of today, 3 April, FM Mattsson Mora Group has entered into an exclusive partnership with the Lund-based technology and innovation company Watersprint, which manufactures products for water purification. The partnership, which will focus on products in the heating, plumbing and sanitation segment, is part of FM Mattsson Mora Group’s sustainability agenda related to the environment, clean water and reduced water consumption.

Watersprint is one of the most interesting companies in Europe when it comes to water purification, with cutting-edge expertise in water, health, nanotechnology and IT/telecom. The company’s technology, which forms the foundation for Watersprint’s products, removes bacteria, viruses and protozoa from water and is based on the blue LED technology that won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2014. This innovation has enabled the development of new, revolutionary products for water purification that are at the forefront in terms of both technology and the environment.

While there is an enormous need for clean drinking water at the global level, the issue is also relevant and important in the Nordic region in terms of municipal water and private wells.

At Watersprint, we develop and create products for a sustainable society. Like FM Mattsson Mora Group, we do this in an environmentally friendly and energyefficient way. The nano UV-LEDs used in our products are custom-made by us in order to kill bacteria, viruses and protozoa in drinking and shower water. Working together with FM Mattsson Mora Group will allow us to reach more people and to truly make a difference in the lives of millions, both in Sweden and abroad,” explains Pete Andersen, CEO of Watersprint

The partnership agreement between Watersprint and FM Mattsson Mora Group will enable the companies to jointly pursue development activities related to clean and sustainable drinking water in the heating, plumbing and sanitation segment. Watersprint will develop and verify existing and future products, while FM Mattsson Mora Group will be responsible for sales and marketing through its existing sales channels and supply the technical expertise for future mixer taps.

“As the Nordic market leader in water taps and thermostatic mixers, our ambition is for our new, innovative partnership with Watersprint to contribute to a noticeable, sustainable change in water quality. It’s not every day you get to work with technology that has won the Nobel Prize in Physics!” says Frank Rälg, Business Development Manager at FM Mattsson Mora Group.

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