FM Mattsson is the oldest tap manufacturers in the world. FM Mattsson was founded in 1865 by Frost Matts Mattsson, and he became the pioneer for the whole industry – and remains a market leader to this very day.

FM Mattsson Mora Group is the market leader in taps and thermo­static mixers in the Nordics. It sells products under its strong, well-established famous brands, Mora Armatur, FM Mattsson and Damixa. Their mixers are primarily distinguished by high quality and innovative technology.

In-house development and manufacturing are the foundation of its attractive design, technological leadership, high quality and sustainable functionality.

Together with Watersprint, FMMG sees a possibility to cater to an increasing need for water purification done in an effective yet environmentally sustainable mercury-free technology straight from their famous taps.

Safeman AB was established in 1939 as a manufacturer of personal protective equipment.
For many years the company focused primarily on the production of interior fittings for the automotive industry. Today, Safeman manufactures everything from custom parts to high-volume units and assembles products for the entire industry.
In addition, Safeman runs Safewater providing clean water in number of African countries. Main hub for the African venture is Kigali, Rwanda where headquarters is located.
Watersprint is proud to assist Safeman with our technology in their products, which is distributed from their production site in Kigali.
Thoreau Water is a Swedish Design Concept for serving water that is produced locally. They deliver custom-made Water Solutions that are innovative, economical, and ecological.
They cate to high-end restaurants, hotels and offices in the Nordics and selected markets in Europe.
Thoreau Water Concept is a pure and simple delight for their customers.
Our close cooperation together with Thoreau ensures that every drop of water served from a Thoreau water cooler across Europe is safe at all times – wherever you are!
GTC offers clean water solutions for temporary or permanent use by supplying innovative water generators. Their products are complete water treatment units suitable for smaller or larger solutions.
Some of GTC’s water generators are designed and built for disaster relief and come in various sizes. GTC delivers worldwide wherever clean water is needed.
Watersprint plays an integral role in GTC’s array of custom made products for boats and campers, but also for rescue and emergencies, military, private residences and water cleaning in the Nordic Archipelago.
Water Innovation Accelerator (WIN) is a business network that facilitates faster market access to innovate products and services.Founded in January 2012, the WIN network consists of small innovative companies (such as Watersprint!) as well as large corporations and other organisations such as universities and municipalities.
WIN is a non-profit organisation that is part of Ideon Open, an open innovation initiative at the Ideon Science Park in Lund, Sweden.Funding comes mainly from membership fees and Tillväxtverket – the Swedish agency for economic and regional growth.
Watersprint has been a proud and active member of WIN since its inception in 2012.
ofi Filtration is an innovative water filtration company founded in Finland that specializes in automated and self-cleaning microfiltration technologies that increase water recirculation rates at production sites.
Sofi Filtration provides state-of-the-art industrial water treatment technology for global clients mostly in the mining, metal, oil and gas, and power industries.
Watersprint and Sofi Filtrations are currently working together with a “point of use” product (flows below 20 liters/minute) that uses Sofi Filtration’s unique self cleaning filters combining our disinfection technology.
Yes – this is very exciting!

FM Mattsson Group & Watersprint sign strategic agreement

FM Mattsson Mora Group in new partnership with innovation company Watersprint to promote cleaner water
Press Release   •   Apr 04, 2018 08:25 GMT

As of today, 3 April, FM Mattsson Mora Group has entered into an exclusive partnership with the Lund-based technology and innovation company Watersprint, which manufactures products for water purification. The partnership, which will focus on products in the heating, plumbing and sanitation segment, is part of FM Mattsson Mora Group’s sustainability agenda related to the environment, clean water and reduced water consumption.

Watersprint is one of the most interesting companies in Europe when it comes to water purification, with cutting-edge expertise in water, health, nanotechnology and IT/telecom. The company’s technology, which forms the foundation for Watersprint’s products, removes bacteria, viruses and protozoa from water and is based on the blue LED technology that won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2014. This innovation has enabled the development of new, revolutionary products for water purification that are at the forefront in terms of both technology and the environment.

While there is an enormous need for clean drinking water at the global level, the issue is also relevant and important in the Nordic region in terms of municipal water and private wells.

At Watersprint, we develop and create products for a sustainable society. Like FM Mattsson Mora Group, we do this in an environmentally friendly and energyefficient way. The nano UV-LEDs used in our products are custom-made by us in order to kill bacteria, viruses and protozoa in drinking and shower water. Working together with FM Mattsson Mora Group will allow us to reach more people and to truly make a difference in the lives of millions, both in Sweden and abroad,” explains Pete Andersen, CEO of Watersprint

The partnership agreement between Watersprint and FM Mattsson Mora Group will enable the companies to jointly pursue development activities related to clean and sustainable drinking water in the heating, plumbing and sanitation segment. Watersprint will develop and verify existing and future products, while FM Mattsson Mora Group will be responsible for sales and marketing through its existing sales channels and supply the technical expertise for future mixer taps.

“As the Nordic market leader in water taps and thermostatic mixers, our ambition is for our new, innovative partnership with Watersprint to contribute to a noticeable, sustainable change in water quality. It’s not every day you get to work with technology that has won the Nobel Prize in Physics!” says Frank Rälg, Business Development Manager at FM Mattsson Mora Group.

For more information, please contact:

Frank Rälg, Business Development Manager, FM Mattsson Mora Group, +46 (0)70 612 64 21,

For more information about Watersprint:
Pete Andersen, CEO Watersprint

For more information about FM Mattsson Mora Group:

FM Mattsson Mora Group FM Mattsson Mora Group conducts the sale, manufacture and product development
of water taps under the strong, well-established brands of FM Mattsson, Mora Armatur and Damixa. The Nordic region is the Group’s principal market. The Group generates sales of more than SEK 1 billion and has over 500 employees. The company’s Class B share has been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm since 10 April 2017.

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