Our fine products

Watersprint purifies water from microorganisms by a patented LED-generated UV-C disinfection process that utilises nanotechnology.

A nano LED is very tiny – about the size of the ballpoint tip of your pen (if you still remember what a pen looks like!).

Using LED technology makes our products insanely energy efficient. In addition, a built-in flow sensor ensures that the devices are only active when the water is flowing, thus lowering energy consumption even more.

Despite being extremely energy efficient, our products effectively “kill” (deactivate) all living microorganisms by simply breaking their DNA/RNA. The “only” difference versus old UV technology is that our products generate this “lethal” wavelength with nano LED’s instead of through the traditional use of mercury (Hg).
This achievement had never been done in history, and was consequently awarded Nobel Prize in Physics in 2014.

The old mercury based UV-C technique has been used industrially since the 1950’s. Mercury is therefore present in all UV-C lamps today. This is now a huge problem, because mercury is a highly toxic element that harms the brain, kidney, and lungs in humans ans animals.
All products containing mercury will therefore be regulated out of the markets starting already mid 2019.
This includes of course standard UV-lamps, but also lightbulbs, batteries, thermometers, skin-lightening creams, car switches, dental amalgam, jewellery, electrical appliances, white goods etc.

Please note that our technology does not remove particles such as heavy metals, dirt nor salt. For this purpose, standard filters have to be used. We are specialists in removing microorganisms!

Some of our models are connected via Wi-Fi for operation and monitoring via a customized web portal and IoT solutions.

We are steadily improving, but we can today effectively handle flow rates up to 20 liters per minute with high kill rate of microorganisms. Our newest smallest unit – Integrated – is a very small unit (5x7x7 cm) and handles flow of 2-6 liters/minute and costing 250 USD.

Sounds exciting, does it not?


Watersprint™ Go & Go Plus
Watersprint™ Flex & Flex Advanced

Our all-purpose water disinfection modules for safe and clean drinking water in hospitals, houses, summer homes, wells, boats, campers and in showers killing Legionella bacteria in private homes as well as sport arenas, swimming- and other public venues.

The most advanced module takes care of a higher killrate of microorganisms and a higher flow of water.

Please send us an email and we will advise which module fits your needs.


Watersprint™ BakPak
Watersprint™ Storm & Rescue

These are products that serve as complete mobile units in difficult areas and circumstances. The smaller BakPak can be carried on the back and contains a solar charged battery, pump and 2 filters.

The bigger version – Storm & Rescue- contains 4 filters for water that contains more particles (dirty water).


Watersprint™ Integrated

Our integrated module is small (5x7x7 cm) and is mounted inside water dispensers, coffee machines or where waterflow is less than 6 liters/minute.

These modules ensure customers to always drink safe and clean water regardless of temperature, venue, internal plastic or metal piping, period of idleness etc.
Our technology signals a mark of quality towards the individual customer.

Because of low cost (250 USD) these are very popular and can be mounted in a variety of places. An inexpensive way to drink safe water at all times, wherever you are!


Watersprint™ Intelligence

The Frontline segment finds our technology as a crucial add-on to other products and concepts – for example in near future indicating clean water with green lamp directly on the faucet, with specialized filter solutions or is part of a solution fighting chemicals or imploding pharmaceutical residues.

WSS – Watersprint System

Some of our products are connected via WiFi to our operating system WSS (Watersprint System). Via our customized web interface customers can manage and monitor their installed devices.

The web interface can be easily used by both the individual client, or tailored to manage many devices and locations of larger organizations.

Also, our products can be included in other IoT environments, for example in smart home solutions, or to be a part in monitoring larger portal solutions in hospitals, sports arenas, real estate companies (industrial sites or commercial apartments) and public places and venues.