Our fine products

Watersprint purifies water by “killing” all microorganisms with a new patented LED-generated UV-C disinfection process that utilises nanotechnology optimised by our WSS (Watersprint Software System).
A selection of our models are connected via Wi-Fi for operation and monitoring via a customized web portal and IoT solutions.

Watersprint offers today three types of product series:

These models handle bigger flows of water up to 20 l/min, ensuring clean and safe drinking water straight out of your tap at home. The disinfection unit should be installed as close to point of use as possible – usually under the sink- in order to minimize risks of contamination.
These models are also installed in showers preventing Legionella in sports arenas, older apartments and houses, homes of elderly, public swimming venues. Legionella is an increasing health risk as pipes getting older or are intermittantly inactive.

We have developed our smallest module “YesBox” especially catered for lesser flows and with a lower price. Our newest unit is a small cubicle box (ca 5x7x7 cm) that handles flows of 2-4 liters/minute with a minimal cost.

We have developed mobile units called “BakPak” for emergency situations or for extreme weather conditions. This is a complete system which is built in a sturdy Pelicase ensuring ease of mobility. These units contains a complete system: solar driven battery, pump, 2-4 filters and disinfector.

We continuously perform microbial tests in our office lab in Medicon Village, and verify our results with third party vendors such as VaSyd and ALcontrol.

We engineer, produce, assemble and test all our products in Sweden.



Watersprint™ Go-series
Watersprint™ Flex-series

Our all-purpose water disinfection modules for safe and clean drinking water in hospitals, houses, summer homes, wells, boats, campers. These models are also excellent to prevent Legionella bacteria in private showers, as well as in sport arenas, swimming- and other public venues.

Please contact us for advising which module best fits your needs, data sheets and pricing.
Thank you.


Watersprint™ BakPak
Watersprint™ Storm & Rescue

These are unique products that serve as complete mobile water cleaning units to be used in difficult areas and circumstances. The smaller BakPak can be carried on the back weighing ca 15 kilo. In a sturdy lockable Pelicase™, following is installed for rough handling and transport: a solar charged battery, pump, 2 filters, fitting for dirty water in, and fitting for clean water out. 8 liters of clean water per minute. Maintenance free, however filters need to be changed (frequency depending on water quality). 6-8 weeks delivery.

For a bigger version we work exclusively with Safeman/Safewater. Safeman produces water cleaning systems in their factory in Kigali (Rwanda) complete with ventilation, filter, solar driven pump. In addition, they use our technology to eliminate microorganisms in their drinking water. www.safeman.se/sv/safewater


Watersprint™ YesBox

Our integrated module is small (5x7x7 cm) and is mounted inside water dispensers, coffee machines or where waterflow is less than 6 liters/minute.

This module YesBox ensures customers always will drink safe and clean water regardless of temperature, venue, internal plastic or metal piping, period of idleness etc. Our technology is today better than older technology and signals quality towards the individual customer.

Because of low cost, these are very popular and can be mounted in a variety of places other than water coolers. This is an inexpensive and safe way to drink clean water at all times, wherever you are in the world!

Future Tech.

Watersprint™ Intelligence

The Frontline segment finds our technology as a crucial add-on to other products and concepts – for example in near future indicating clean water with blue light directly on the FM Mattsson faucet, visually indicating water clean from microorganisms.

Other future solutions is working with specialized self cleaning ultrasonic filters solutions together with our technology.

Further down the road, we are looking for a solution fighting chemicals and imploding pharmaceutical residues.

WSS – Watersprint System

Some of our products are connected via WiFi to our operating system WSS (Watersprint System). Via our customized web interface customers can manage and monitor their installed devices.

The web interface can be easily used by both the individual client, or tailored to manage many devices and locations of larger organizations.

Also, our products can be included in other IoT environments, for example in smart home solutions, or to be a part in monitoring larger portal solutions in hospitals, sports arenas, real estate companies (industrial sites or commercial apartments) and public places and venues.