Watersprint UV-LED technique adds value in many different environments

The use of UV light as a trusted method of water purification has been known for decades. However, producing UV light through LED technology is new, and there are many advantages it. Watersprint’s products operate at 12 volt and consume only 10W during the purification process. When in standby mode (no waterflow) the LED diodes are turned off, and the system consumes no energy at all. This leads to energy savings of up to 98% in comparison to, for example products based on UV lamps.
Waterspints products also offers the smallest products on the market. This means that they can be installed close the tap, the so-called point-of-use, providing increased safety. Additionally the products can be connected via Wi-Fi for operational management, statistics and monitoring. Below you will find some examples of applications:


The demand for guaranteed clean and safe water is specifically high within the healthcare sector. Today different kinds of filters are used to eliminate bacteria in the water. Watersprint’s products eliminate bacteria, viruses, and protozoa in a much more very cost efficient way compared to conventional filter methods. Through its long life and with low maintenance costs Watersprint’s solution is superior to any alternative for securing bacteria free water.

Indoor swimming pools

The climate in indoor swimming pools is normally hot and humid. That is a perfect environment for bacteria to develop in the water pipes. An installation of D4Shower, eliminates the problem and will pre-empt problems in the future. All Watersprint water purification units are connected via Wi-Fi and report operational statistics and information in real time.

Schools and sports halls

Schools and sports halls normally have a large numbers of showers. In these environments it is quite common that legionella bacteria can get a foothold. These premises are not used on a regular basis, which means that water can be standing still in the pipes for long time, which substantially increases the risk for legionella bacteria in the pipes. With Watersprint’s products installed in these premises you can pre-empt any problem and avoid this hazardous situation. Watersprint’s system is also extremely energy efficient, since it only operates when the showers are in use.

Houses with private wells

In Sweden today, about 1.2 million people source their water from a private well. In most cases the water is purified through some kind of purification system. Sometimes it is done with UV light and different kind of filter solutions. Conventional UV-light systems based on tube lights (mercury) must operate 24/7 to be efficient. Watersprint products are standby when no water is flushing, and operates only when water is used. That is an enormous energy saving feature, saving up to 98% energy. Additionally light tubes needs to be exchanged every year to maintain the effect. Watersprint’s products can be used for 7 – 10 years.

Leisure – boats and mobile homes

Watersprints products are extremely energy efficient. They consume only 10W, and ONLY when in operation. They are operating on 12 – 24 V and can be installed in small spaces. All together this makes D4Tap perfect for yachts, boats, mobile homes etc. where water is stored in tanks. The purification unit should be fitted directly to the water tank in order to secure that all water used in the mobile unit would have purified water. The use of Watersprint’s products replaces the use of chemical cleaning, such as chlorine etc. It will secure drinking water quality at the tapping point.

Hotel and restaurants

To offer clean, safe and healthy water within hotels and restaurants is a prerequisite for satisfied customers. By adding D4Tap as additional water purification to the water tap, you can offer guaranteed fresh, bacteria free water directly from it. Why not save money and the environment by exchanging water bottles with guaranteed fresh water from the tap?