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Business Call to Action

Launched at the United Nations in 2008, the Business Call to Action (BCtA) is an alliance that challenges companies to advance business activities that are inclusive of poor populations and contribute to the achievement of sustainable development goals.

Worldwide, more than 137 companies have responded to BCtA and made commitments to improve the lives and livelihoods of millions through commercially-viable business ventures that engage low-income people as consumers, producers, suppliers, and distributors of goods and services.

Watersprint has committed to provide 50,000 people in Bangladesh with access to safe and clean drinking water by 2020.

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Lund University – Catherine J. Paul, Ph.D.

Catherine completed her PhD in Microbiology and Immunology at Queen’s University, Canada in 2005. She has conducted postdoctoral research at Health Canada and the National Research Council of Canada, and the Department of Chemistry, Lund University.

She is currently Assistant Professor at Water Resources Engineering, Department of Building and Environmental Technology, and Applied Microbiology, Department of Chemistry, Lund University.

Her research interests include the microbiology of drinking water, the ecological roles of microbial biofilms associated with drinking water treatment and delivery, and bacteria able to detoxify water from chemical contamination.

The Division of Applied Microbiology at Lund University

Water Company

Water Company is a Swedish business that provides products to filter, clean, cool and carbonate plain tap water. Their customers are mainly restaurants and other businesses.

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Swedish GTC

Swedish Global Trade Center, with offices in Tanzania and Congo, builds complete clean water generator systems. Their customers are multinational corporations, military bases, communities, private residences and islands. The company provides as well clean water generator products to be used in boats.

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Headquartered in Taipei, Scanamplio represents Scandinavian businesses in extending and distributing their products into the heart of Asia, the most active and populous area of the world. Scanamplio enables a shorter time to market and a higher cost efficiency.

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SA Linkbuilder AB

SA LinkBuilder was founded to provide services for companies in Northern Europe that are today either active or planning to establish in China and Asia Pacific region, places that are getting increasingly important.

The company is run by Andreas Engström that has lived in and worked in Asia for 17 years. His ability to speak and write in Chinese has given a unique insight into the Chinese culture, something which is a strong driving force behinds people’s actions and decision making.

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Josab International AB

Josab International AB manufactures and sells ecological water treatment solutions based on the company’s patent with the unique filter material Aqualite ™. Josab International AB has four wholly owned subsidiaries, Josab Hungary Kft, Josab India Pvt Ltd, Josab China Ecological Water Treatment Systems Co. Ltd and JOSINT Financial Services AB

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