Intelligent Water Purification

Water purification using LED technology, suitable for all kinds of environments.

Environmentally friendly and energy efficient

Safe, efficient and intelligent water purification

Watersprint develops and offers a new, safe and efficient technology for water purification. With a simple installation directly to, or in connection with the tap mixer, our customers can eliminate bacteria and viruses in showers or drinking water that could cause Legionella and other diseases. We use UV-LEDs with nanotechnology and a smart web application, which among many advantages are extremely energy efficient. All products are connected via WI-FI to ensure safe operation and supervision. – We call it intelligent water purification

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Advantages independent of the area of use

Some exemples


Parts of, or entire hospitals require super clean water. UV-LED purification directly before the tap, gives safe, bacteria free water, and is a much more cost effective method of water purification compared to other techniques.

Swimming halls

Minimize the risk of legionella in the showers of swimming pools with the support of D4 shower.

Home and leisure

In Sweden alone, 1.2 million people are estimated to use private wells for their drinking water. Watersprint’s products can be used alone, or in connection with filters to ensure safe, high quality water.

Boats and mobile homes

Because all Watersprint products are extremely energy efficient and operate on 12 V, they are perfect for use in boats and mobile homes etc.

Watersprint – “What it is all about”

Products for clean and fresh water

  • Reduces bacteria, viruses and protozoa
  • Environmental friendly and free from chemicals
  • Energy efficient, consumes only 10 W during the purification process
  • Power supply 12–24 volt
  • WIFI connectivity
  • Easy to install, on taps, or on pipes
  • Cost efficient

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Built in Wi-Fi for easy monitoring and alarm functionality

  • Customer portal for statistical information about usage
  • Sends alarm in case of operational interruption
  • Automatically updates software

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Watersprint news

Watersprint in Bangladesh

Watersprint was in Bangladesh in early November 2016. We take a project to the next phase with clean and safe water to rural population. It feels great to contribute and participate in this.                                           [video width="1920" height="1080"...

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Article about Watersprint in Stockholm Direkt

The shower water in the swimming halls in Enskede had Legionella problems, but Idrottsförvaltningen took action and installed the unique UV-LED products from Watersprint and removed the problem. Read the full article here (in Swedish):...

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Article about Watersprint in Dagens Industri

The large Swedish business newspaper Dagens Industri, with 382.000 readers per day, had in their paper Saturday-Monday July 9-11 a full page article about Watersprint with correlation to the installation in 2 swimming halls in Stockholm Stad Link to...

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