About us

Watersprint is an innovative company at the forefront, both from a technical and environmental perspective. The company has expertise in water, health, nanotechnology, IT and telecoms. We develop and create products for a sustainable society, this is done in an environmentally and energy efficient way.

The use of UV LEDs with nanotechnology are custom made by Watersprint for the disinfection of bacteria, viruses and protozoa. This is a development based on the blue LED technology which in 2014 received the Nobel Prize in Physics. The new technology enables entirely new and groundbreaking products for water treatment.

Ni hittar oss i Lund på Medicon Village.

Office and lab at Medicon Village in Lund, Sweden.

Our partners

Collaborations are critical to our success.

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Founders and Management

Watersprint was founded by Kenneth M Persson, professor in water resources engineering, Ola Hansson, MSc, Lars Montelius, Professor nanotechnology and Tord Wingren, entrepreneur. Chairman of the board is Professor Per Eriksson. The company was started in 2013 and has since then driven a focused product development that has resulted in our world leading UV-LED technology. Together, the board and employees have over 150 years of experience in the areas of water, health, nanotechnology and IT and telecom. Watersprint’s unique competences create innovative technical products with a commercial focus within UV-LED.

Professor Per Eriksson

Professor Per Eriksson

Chairman of the Board

Pete Andersen

Pete Andersen


Board of Directors

  • Per Eriksson, Chairman of the Board
  • Kenneth M Persson, Director of the Board
  • Ola Hansson, Director of the Board
  • Mats Svensson, Director of the Board
  • Peter Birke, Director of the Board
  • Bengt Adolfsson, Director of the Board
  • Lars Montelius, Suppleant
  • Git Sturesjö-Adolfsson, Suppleant