About Watersprint

Watersprint CARES about the environment.

We also LOVE to provide clean water that is free from harmful microorganisms to people all around the world.

We also care about reducing plastic bottles. Plastics are clogging and polluting our oceans to unheard of dangerous levels. Our solution makes it safe to drink straight from tap –  and millions of plastic bottles avoid ending up in ocean or in other wrong places.

Watersprint has since 2013 been an innovative company at the forefront of technology, both from a technical and an environmental perspective. Watersprint has gathered an extensive expertise in water, health, microbiology, nanotechnology and IoT.

We are using nano UVC LEDs that are custom made especially for Watersprint.Together with a patented choice of materials, hardware architecture and smart software, Watersprint safely disinfects all living bacteria such as Legionella, viruses, and protozoa.

This new LED technology enables entirely new and groundbreaking products for water treatment. It is no surprise that our solution kills germs with revolutionary small amounts of energy – and without mercury or any other chemicals!

Our office is located in Medicon Village in Lund – a famous tech cluster within Health Sciences, close to Ideon Science Park and Lund Technical University in southern Sweden.

Please come visit us for a cup of coffee in Medicon Village, Scheelevägen 2, 223 81 Lund, Sweden.


Founders and Management

Watersprint was founded by Dr Kenneth M Persson, professor in water resources engineering, Mr Ola Hansson, MSc and Dr Lars Montelius, Professor in nanotechnology.

The company was started in 2013 and has since then been focused on product development that now has resulted in our world leading patented UVC LED technology.

The board and employees have together over 150 years of experience in areas of water, health, microbiology, nanotechnology and IT/telecom. Watersprint’s unique competences create innovative technical products with a commercial focus within UVC LED.
Chairman of the board is Mats Svensson.

Watersprint is committed to our R&D efforts and we will continue testing new applications and usages in close cooperation with our valued partners & clients.

That is a promise.

Linda Kokkola

+46 76 328 80 39

Board of Directors

Mats Svensson

Chairman of the Board

Bengt Adolfsson

Director of the Board

Kenneth M Persson

Director of the Board

Lars Montelius

Deputy Board Member

Ola Hansson

Director of the Board

Git Sturesjö-Adolfsson

Deputy Board Member

Peter Birke

Director of the Board

Sven Joel Härgestam

Director of the Board