Intelligent water

Water purification using LED technology, suitable for all kinds of environments

Environmentally friendly
and energy efficient

Amazing water purification.
Intelligent too.

Watersprint develops and produces a new, safe and efficient technology for water purification.

Equally important, we do this without the use of poison – mercury – which has been the standard way of generating UV-C light since the 1950’s.

That said, mercury has become a global health problem because of its long lasting toxicity for humans and animals alike. Yes, this is indeed severe because it foremost affects our brains in a variety of ways. Around the world, a wide variety of mercury based products are therefore being phased out of markets for good. Regulations will start to kick in already in 2019-2020.

But there is a solution!
With our new nano technology, UV-C has finally become sustainable because it does not contain any mercury. None.
So, with a simple installation, our customers eliminate risks for Legionella in showers and avoid other harmful bacteria and viruses in drinking water in an environmentally sustainable way.

Old water pipes (or none at all) are another massive problem in most countries today. Sometimes defect, they develop increasing amounts of grimy biofilm, serving as a happy breeding ground for microorganisms. Without you knowing it, these organisms can cause everything from a lighter nausea to life-threatening health conditions.

Because our products sit very close to point of use – we eliminate the risk of drinking contaminated water regardless of old contaminated water pipes going into the house, or from the pipings inside your home itself. Our products are fitted in the end of line – point of use – and therefore acts like a guard against the organisms that you cannot see.

Most of our products are also connected via Wi-Fi to ensure safe operation and supervision.

That is why we call it an intelligent water purification system.
Wouldn’t you agree?

Some areas where our fine products fit perfect.


Mobile unit


Drinking water


Kills Legionella

Curious of how our technique works?
We think you’ll appreciate this video!

Products for clean
and fresh water

  • Modules kill all bacteria such as Legionella, viruses and protozoa
  • Sustainable – it is free from chemicals and poisonous mercury
  • Energy efficient. 10w-70w depending on model (during purification only – else in standby mode)
  • Power supply 12–24 volt
  • Our smallest product  is so tiny (5x7x7 cm) it easily fits in water dispensers (2-4 l/min)
  • Cost efficient because it lasts 7-10 years, and with no (=NO) maintenance required
  • Yes – it produces safe water for you to drink or shower in

Built in Wi-Fi for easy monitoring

  • Customer portal for statistical information about usage
  • Sends alarm in case of operational interruption (sms or email)
  • Automatically updates software
  • Can be integrated in other Smart Home & IoT-portals
  • Alarm, maintenance and statistics online